Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's new for Sunday and the uncoming week

The rains continue here in West Tennessee. Earlier, the little dry valley behind our house was a creek, before nightfall I could see it was a river. Good thing we are high up on a hill with no chance of flooding.

We had a slight break in the clouds and I was able to get a couple of shots of a new owl I had just got done. I love the color of the eyes. They are glass globs in a tangerine orange color. I bought these from ArtfulMosaicSupplies on Etsy. The owls I make where inspired by two things-they are closely related in design and construction to the stained glass cats I make and a dear friend of mine has been asking me to create single birds that she would be able to display and sell for me at her bed and breakfast along the shores of Reelfoot Lake in the northwest corner of Tennessee. We've been birding friends for years.

I also had a couple of visitors in my home studio this afternoon. I create and sell from my studio along with my Etsy shop. They were asking about the possibility of me creating a custom piece for their home. Custom work is always exciting for me. I could tell he had a bit of Wisconsin in his speech. We got to talking about different things and I mentioned that I was from Michigan...wouldn't you know it, so was she. She was from Dearborn and I grew up not far from there in Southfield but spent most of my teen years south of 8 Mile Road and knew Dearborn and Detroit very well, although my memory is hazy, its been 20 years since I left. Small world. We chatted about how much Detroit has changed. It was really nice to talk to somebody from 'home'. I would really love to able to take a trip up and see for myself before too many other great buildings are tore down and the place becomes totally unrecognizable.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for a glass delivery this week so I can start work on a cabinet door insert for a local client and I need to make a custom black kitty for an Etsy buyer. I didn't have enough black glass when I created a couple of other kitties for her recently. I'll add a couple more black kitties to my Etsy shop since I got wiped out of cat faces in the past week. It'll be a kitty making marathon.

And I've decided to continue my store wide sale for another week.


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