Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's make us some kitties-step 4-solder it

We're ready to solder the black kitty together. Here we have everything we need for this step. Clockwise from the top-liquid flux, temperature controller-or rheostat (this regulates the soldering iron), solder iron in holder, flux brush, solder-I use 60/40 solder and a wet sponge for cleaning the solder tip.

I start by applying the liquid flux with the brush to small spots at first so that I can tack solder the pieces together. Sorry, there is no one here to help with pictures so there are no action shots!

Next, I apply the flux to all the copper foil joints and solder all the pieces together. There is a chemical reaction that takes place between the copper foil, the flux and hot melting solder. The melting solder forms a bead that cools quite quickly and creates a bond between the pieces of glass.

We allow the front side to cool, flip it over and solder the backside. Once this step is complete we can move to the next step-wrap it.

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