Thursday, May 14, 2009

snuggle up thursday

The kitties are snuggling again. This morning's snuggle found The King on the left with his best bud, Biggum. These two like to get together on the people couch and hold each other tight since they are both heat mongers.

This afternoon's snuggle found Biggum and silly girl, Angel-la together on the kitty couch. Biggum will take any opportunity to snuggle with any cat that will let him. He's a tramp. Angel-la is not much of a snuggler so it was kind of surprising to find her feet snuggling Biggum's belly.

Weetie is NOT a snuggler at all, except for snuggling herself on my red slippers.

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koand said...

ƚliczne kotki , pozdrawiam , Andrzej :)