Tuesday, May 19, 2009

These cats ROCK-CynthiaKayoDesigns on Etsy

Last week I came across a new Etsy seller-CynthiaKayoDesigns. Her shop is just lovely. Being a big time cat lover, I just fell in love with her hand painted cat rocks. The big bold eyes are just beautiful and I love all the detail found on her creations. These would make a great gift either for yourself or someone you love.

Cynthia says that she has been painting these kitty creations since 2002. Her first adopted tabby cat, Koko was her inspiration. She finds her rocks locally in Vancouver, British Columbia, while walking her dog along beach areas, like Barnet Beach, Kits Beach or the Fraser river. Cynthia says that these river rocks are smooth and easy to work with.

Check out these wonderful cat rocks and the other lovely items in her shop HERE.


glitterstar said...

Oh my! I have a few friends that would love those!

livingglassgirl said...

Awesome glitterstar! I'm thinking about getting one for myself!