Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's make us some kitties-step 5-wrap it

Whew, only a couple of more steps to go! The next thing we are going to do with this black kitty is to wrap it up with lead came. Lead came is available in various widths and channel depths and styles. For this project we are using "U" channel lead. Its actually shaped like the letter U. It is flexible but strong and adds quite a bit of stability to this piece.
First, I fit a piece for the area between the ears.

You can see in this picture a cross section of the lead came.

Next, I'll roll the cat face in a section of lead came. This helps to seat the glass in the channel groove.

Where the two sections of lead meet at the points of the ears...

...I solder this joint together.

Finally, I solder a jump ring to the back of the cat face. We're almost done. Next step, patina it.

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