Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let's make us some kitties-step 2-cut and grind

After the glue has set up between the paper pattern pieces and the glass I can go ahead and cut all the pieces of the cat apart. For simple glass hand cutting, I use a pistol grip cutter. Its not really cutting the glass, but scoring the glass, then the unwanted piece can be broke off.

This is how the kitty looks after hand cutting.

For more acute angles, I use a glass ring saw. Its a great tool that can cut glass and other materials with ease. Without this saw sharp angles would be difficult or even impossible to cut.

The next step in the process is to grind each piece of the puzzle to fit next to the neighboring piece tightly. Here is where a glass grinder comes into use. The glass piece is simply pressed against the rotating grinder head until the unwanted glass is removed.

All of the glass pieces are fit against the original pattern and checked to make sure that they all fit tight.

Here is a view of the cat the shows the texture of the glass. The next step in the process is to foil it.


koand said...

Witam , robisz piękne rzeczy , podziwiam , dziękuję za odwiedziny na mim blogu , pozdrawiam , Andrzej :)

livingglassgirl said...

Thank you so much Andrzej for your lovely comments (-: