Wednesday, May 13, 2009

treasures by the roadside

My husband calls me a freak of nature...its so true. I'm not as 'bad' as I used to be. Everywhere we went I would have a pair of binoculars around my neck just in case an awesome bird would come into view. Or the time I got lost in the woods exploring...just a few more feet and I'll turn around, I said to myself. A few feet turned into miles. I did eventually find my way back~in the meantime I found so many lovely things since the woods here are so full of diversity. Getting lost was so well worth it.

For today's exploration I didn't stray far off the beaten path. All of these beauties were found alongside the road within walking distance of my house. Zoom, zoom, zoom, everyone drives by way over the speed limit not noticing the beauty that there is to behold.

Soon, the county will come through with their power mowers knocking all of these down to ground level. To them these are all weeds. To me they are treasures.


Sophie said...

I totally agree. Sometimes we don't stop to appreciate the lovely treasures life gives us.


BlenderBach said...

great pictures! I do the same thing when I go out for walks :)