Monday, May 4, 2009

blue monday

Sunday was a very lazy and hazy day, I didn't do much besides hang around, take a nap, eat and lay around again. I truly felt like a cat. I had really wanted to get out and explore the neighborhood and the woods, but the rains kept coming and I really didn't want to chance taking the camera out in the deluge. Or myself for that matter. Rubber boots, I need rubber boots. Well, its Monday--I've got to get started on something. I pulled out one of my favorite geometric panel projects to recreate, this time using two shades of aqua blue. I love this design, its fun yet elegant with curves and lines, a project that I never get tired of doing.

Thankfully, the motivation team showed up! Chocolate, big coffee (the first of many) and some tunes to crank out. Gotta get the boogie on in the shop and get the blood going. Today's playlist included some Zeppelin, some old Seger and Metallica. By the way, I sent the husband out this morning to get some items at the store with a request for a chocolate bar thinking he would bring home a regular sized 69 cent Hershey. He brought home this mega size 3.5 ounce hunk of sugar and cocoa, that's nearly a quarter of a pound! The man is truly brilliant and doesn't even realize it.

This is as far as I'd gotten by this afternoon. The center is a clear glass bevel that I shape with the glass grinder so its no longer square but follows the curves of the pieces next to it. The remainder of the pieces have been hand cut and waiting for me to grind them down to fit-step one will be done... I think I'll just have to send that boy out for another candy bar.

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