Sunday, May 10, 2009

a little backyard exploration

I spent a little bit of time this morning exploring the living world in my backyard.

Virginia Creeper reaching for the sky via a cedar tree

Big White Oak-such a majestic tree. I'm so happy to have this in my backyard

Salomon Seal, or maybe its False Salomon's Seal, I've misplaced my field guide

Blackcap berries-yum, I probably won't get to these before another creature does.

White Mulberry, the leaves are like little mittens

Virginia Creeper makes a lush carpet on the forest floor

Mr. Earthworm churning fallen leaves into nourishing soil

Sassafras, one of my favorites, so happy to find this

Hickory and Oak will be competing for nourishment and sunlight

A snail doing what snails do