Thursday, February 26, 2009

How was work today?

Work was fun today!

I got started on a couple of more owls. I was so happy with the way the first one turned out I just had to make a couple more.

This guy was supposed to be my snowy owl...Haha! he might be some kind of schmoo instead, I really won't know until I get him done. He does look a bit like a penguin if I tweek it a bit...hmmm. I guess I know what I'll be doing next.

The glass for the wings and the top of the head is so dark here. Its a streaky gold/dark brown glass.

I like the markings in this glass. Its a combination of medium amber with some white swirled into it. Its a very warm glass with some sun behind it, it'll be a golden owl.

I hope to have them done in the next few days.


missknits said...

wow love these owls!

livingglassgirl said...

Thanks so much, missknits!!