Monday, February 23, 2009

Brand new design in my shop

~~Stained Glass Eastern Screech Owl Ornament~~

I am super excited about this new design I just added to my shop. I think I was waiting for pictures to upload to my Etsy site when I started doodling and owl. On paper it looked like it would be a really cool piece using the same techniques and stylized design as I use in my stained glass cat face ornaments.

So, the next morning I drew up my working pattern, choose the glass I wanted to use and got started. Saturday I cut all of the glass and Sunday I foiled all of the pieces. My original plan for Monday was to solder this owl along with another hot air balloon and then to finish the owl on Tuesday. Once I got started on the owl I knew I just had to get it done. That meant a late afternoon cup of coffee so now I'm all wound up!!

I've used four different shades, types and textures of amber stained glass along with amber glass glob eyes. I hand paint the pupils. When the sun comes through the eyes they just glow.

This piece measures 6 1/2" tall by 4 3/8" wide. Check out my Etsy site for more info.


christyzee said...

Very beautiful! You are very talented! I bookmarked to come back again soon!

livingglassgirl said...

Thank you so much, christyzee!