Friday, February 6, 2009

The cat that inspired me to create

Colder then normal temperatures have kept me from doing much in my shop this week, its difficult to warm the room up to a comfortable level with a little space heater. I'm still working on some new cat face ornaments and since today may be a bit warmer than the last few days I should be able to get a few of them soldered.

I got inspired to start creating these little stained glass cat faces by a stray cat in my neighborhood. A neighbor had 4 cats that I would feed outside on his back porch while he was away at the hospital. Along with the 4 cats another kitty started hanging around to get a free meal. He's beautiful Siamese mix cat with stunning blue eyes.

About this same time while I was poking around in my back yard I came across a bunch of different colored glass globs. From the debris trail it appeared that someone had a jar full of these globs that for some reason they became disgusted with. Maybe it was a drug crazed guy that used to think that there were monkeys in trees out to get him. He's now gone along with the trash he left behind. It doesn't matter, I found a gold mine of supplies delivered to my back yard!

The neighbor moved and took his four kitties with him. I would continue to go over and feed the Siamese stray cat. One day while looking at this beautiful cat and his stunning blue eyes it hit me to go back home and create a cat face using the glass globs that I had found. The first stained glass cat face ornament was born!

Since that first kitty last year I've changed the pattern a few times and have used different colors of glass to create different color kitties. The Siamese stray still hangs out and I still feed him. Attempts to capture him to get him to the vet have failed. He's a tough old kitty that doesn't want to be messed with!

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implexus said...

Aww kitty! Beautiful work.