Friday, August 8, 2008

The Story of Weetie

I love my kitties so much! I've been told that I'll probably be one of those crazy old ladies with 100 cats roaming around. I kinda hope not, but ya never know. I really need to write up my will to provide for the care of whatever cats I have when I kick the bucket.

This is the story of my Weetie, real name Sweetie...A/K/A Biscuit.

Before we moved into this little neighborhood that we live in now, we lived up on a big hill surrounded by big trees and ledges with no neighbors to be seen from the house. One day, just when my husband was getting out of the shower, he says that he saw this small kitty walking past the front of the house just screaming in agony-the "Death Rattle" he called it later. He quickly put on a pair of undies and slipped into his big rubber boots and followed this tiny cat with a bucket of dry food. She was too afraid to come near him, continued to scream but kept going further and further away over and under the ledges and through the woods.

All that he could do was to set out little piles of dry food for this little critter, hoping he could gain her trust. When I came home from work that day he told he about his little adventure. "I just got out of the shower, but I tried to get this little cat to come to me--getting covered in ticks and getting tripped by the brambles".

Later that evening, he heard her outside--the familiar scream! We grabbed some ham and cheese and went outside. She was about 10 feet from the house, threw her some ham and she came closer--she was a bag of bones!! So hungry, once we got her to come closer he grabbed her---for a small cat she is a fiery critter!! We threw her into the shed with another kitty that was rescued just days before (they can't stand each other to this day!)

So, this little thing was so sick--just full of internal parasites. We treated her and off to the vets she went for the neuter job. It was time to bring her in with the rest of the family--5 at the time. I have never seen anything like this--she came out of the cage at full bore and chased the rest of the cats, all way bigger than her up the stairs and out of site. We had to keep a blanket over her cage and keep her locked up for a whole week in the house in a cage and had doubts if she would adapt. She finally calmed down....and she is now one of the sweetest most loving kitties ever. At her small size--12" from the bottom of her toe pads to her shoulders she still packs a punch and is not intimidated by any of the bigger cats. She's another special little love of ours!

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Leaping Lizard Glass Art said...

Awww, Weetie is cute! My kittie is a leftover from my daughter who left to marry. At first I felt like "No", but now we love her to death. Love your glass, too and your store is real nice.