Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New glass panel--day 3

I've let the pattern pieces dry overnight. The next morning I've gone back out to the shop to begin cutting the pieces apart.

Cutting is really not the right word, what's happening is the glass is being scored. I use a pistol grip glass cutter that has a built in oil reservoir to lubricate the surface while in use. There is a wheel on the end. The wheel of the cutter plows a fissure in the glass surface, weakening the surface along that line. This is scoring. Next, pressure is applied and the glass breaks along the score line. But, I like the word cut so that's what I will call it.

So, each glass piece for the panel is cut following the glued down paper pattern piece getting as close to the paper all possible without gouging it. Too much excess isn't good either--I'll spend the rest of next week at the grinder!! And you can see that once all the glass pieces are assembled onto the working design, they don't quite fit right. There are excess edges here and there where neighboring pieces are not fitting close. The glass pieces need to be like loving partners with the next piece. So, we need to get all of these glass pieces to the glass grinder....this is a lot of fun!!

Shown: pistol grip cutter with glass piece, all the pieces of the body of the panel together, close up of glass pieces.

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