Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New glass panel--the work begins

Now, I need to think about what colors I want to include in the new design. I've chosen 4 colors: pale pink, pale purple, pale green and pale amber--all pastel colors that will look might lighter off of the paper and hanging in a window. The four colors are all of Waterglass--its translucent with a delicate texture that resembles water rippling on a lake's surface. I also need to choose a clear glass for for this I've chosen clear seedy. Seedy is lightly textured and appears to have thousands of tiny bubbles trapped within. The bubbles pick up light and makes it sparkly.

I have taken my carbon copy and have cut it apart keeping all of the different color sections separate. The original and the carbon have corresponding numbers so that I know where each piece belongs. Next I brush each edge with liquid paper for two reasons--first, the edges are easier to see and second, liquid paper makes that craft paper waterproof and the edges won't peel up later when I grind the pieces...more about grinding later. Now, I'll glue with a glue stick the pattern pieces directly to the glass. I'll let the pieces set overnight to dry well and go inside where its cool and have a couple of cocktails.

Shown: glass selection and pattern pieces glued to the glass.

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