Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let's make a stained glass panel

I've started a new glass panel project! I'm going to go through all the steps involved in the next few days and show what it takes to get it done.

First, I started with a plan. I knew that I wanted to include a star shaped clear glass bevel for the center. Bevels are glass pieces that have had their edges cut in such a way that they are almost prismatic. So, one night while just sketching out ideas I came up with something that I thought might work. The original idea was only about 2" big so I needed to design something a bit larger to work with.

The next day I went out to the shop and came up with the working plan. The bevel will be in the center surrounded by other lines and curves and a 1" border. Once its complete the size will be approximately 14 1/4" square.

Shown here are the bevel and the plan along with a carbon copy of the plan. I use the original to work on, to fit the glass pieces onto to check for fit. The carbon copy I cut up with scissors and actually glue on to the glass that I plan to use...more about this later.

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