Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New glass panel--Day 4, cutting the border

Another great tool that I'm so lucky to own is a strip cutter.

Its a glass cutter with a ruler and a base combined together. The cutter can be set to increments on the ruler depending on the width of glass desired. The base rides on a surface higher than my cutting surface and scores the glass in a nice even line.

Then the glass pieces are broke apart from each other. Next, I'll need to fit the border pieces to the original design. I've chosen to have a 1" border in the same pale green color that is in the body of the panel but in a different texture. The border texture is called rough rolled and it is translucent with a slightly rippled texture. For the corners I've decided to use 1" square clear glass bevels.
In the next few days I'll go to the next step in this project--foiling the glass pieces.

Shown: strip cutter, fitting the border to the body of the panel.


kim* said...

i saw a cool glass cutter it also cuts tile...i think we bought a small one from the swapmeet a few years ago. i dont know if my dad uses it though.

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

Wow! what a long involved process- true artistry!

Sonja's Adornments said...

Great demonstration - nice work!
Thanks for sharing...

livingglassgirl said...

Thanks so much--I'm hoping to get the next steps written about in the next couple of days...We're almost done!