Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Purple Passion

I've done it again. I've taken my favorite design and this time I've created it using 4 shades of purple. The center is an amethyst colored faceted glass jewel surrounded by a darker purple textured glass called English Muffle. Two more shades of purple are used in the body of the panel along with a textured clear glass. The 1" border is a deep dark purple textured glass with clear glass bevels used as accents in the corners and within the border.
Overall measurement of this piece is 10" or 25.5cm. This piece can either hang as a square as shown above or it can hang as a diamond. Available now in my Etsy shop. Colors not right for you? Custom orders for this design are gladly accepted.

Here you can see more of the different textured used in this piece.

Since glass is so tricky to photograph (at least I think it is) here I've shown 3 of the colors used-these are images directly from the manufacturer's website (Spectrum Glass). The first two samples are what I've used in the body of the panel. I couldn't find a good image of the glass that surrounds the center jewel, but it is a shade darker then the second image. The bottom image is the type that I've used for the border of this piece.


d ferragamo said...

I've done some ( very little) stained glass in the past, so I know how much work goes into your pieces. I love the colors of this one, SO juicy!

What a pretty blog you have!

Debbie said...

It's a stunner! I love purple. One day I'll get around to digging out the hundreds of pounds of stained glass that's stashed in shipping crates in our closet!