Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I've been trying to find two things lately without much luck. One is a bird's nest, any kind of bird really and the other is a butterfly cocoon. Again it doesn't matter what kind of butterfly.

So, I set out yesterday in search of these two items. I found neither. I did find these lovely peony blooms in a neighbor's yard.

I made a new friend. This lovely kitty belongs to a couple down the street, he's really a nice cat.

Hiding out in this day lily was this little guy.

And on these Virginia Creeper leaves I found a katydid.

This half of an egg shell was found on this oak sapling. Parent birds will remove the egg shell from the nest and drop it wherever. Here's where it landed.

I love the color of this fern.

This is a mayapple, or maypop. This fruit is edible and is used in making jellies. I've not tried this yet.
As I was heading home I found this Blue Jay feather.


Mackin-Art said...

I love the photos - all the little details that most people never even notice! And the kitty is too cute.

Debbie said...

What lovely photos! Very cool markings on the kitty... he looks like he needs a little sunscreen on his nose!

Christine said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos! And the blue eyes on that cat are amazing.