Saturday, January 24, 2009

New weekend projects--Its all about rainbows, man..

Someone posted on an Etsy forum that they like rainbows. I guess that's all it took to get me going on making a couple of new rainbow themed items.

The first I hope to get done is a stained glass rainbow peace sign. Once completed it will measure out at less then 11 inches diameter. I've done peace signs in glass before but not in this design. I'm excited about this piece and hope it looks great when its done (its a toss up sometimes). All of the colored and clear glass pieces are Waterglass, which has a light wavy texture to it and all of these pieces will be 'flowing' in the same direction. I hope to have the peace sign completed Jan 24 or 25.

The second is a stained glass rainbow hot air balloon. I've done several of these in the past and thought it would be a good time to add another to my shop. This piece like the peace sign is all Waterglass (except the basket) with the direction of the glass pieces positioned to give the appearance that the balloon is full and ready for launch. This piece should be completed in the next few days.

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