Friday, January 23, 2009

New items in my shop inspired by spring

This year winter came on hard and fast, it got cold quick and it stayed cold. I've been spoiled for the past 10 years in Tennessee where winters are usually mild. We don't get snow much on this side of the state but usually get some good ice storms. Even with the colder then usual temperatures our daffodils are starting to sprout all over the yard.

I get inspired a lot of the time by what is happening outside my window and figured it was time to create another daffodil. I've never done a white and orange daffodil and thought the color combination with the aqua blue might be interesting. It is definitely bold and bright.

Another piece I recently added to my shop is a single purple tulip. The glass I choose for the flower is a combination of violet and pale purple and the two leaves are a sea green and olive green mix. I'm still working on trying to get better pictures of the tulip.

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