Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New projects in the works

Welcome 2009. Yes, I'm a bit late but better late then never.

Lots of new projects are on the way for this new year. I've recently completed a fun rainbow colored stained glass butterfly. This is a shrunk down version of a much larger more complex panel that I'm hoping I can start in a few months. In this smaller version I've used various colors of Waterglass. Its a transparent glass manufactured by Spectrum Glass with a slight texture to it. Its one of my favorite types of glass to use since I love the sharp bright colors and the texture can be placed in such a way to give a good deal of 'movement' to a project.

The next item I hope to have done in a few days is a stained glass daffodil. I'm using white and orange wispy glass for the bloom along with light green for the stem and aqua blue for the background. Another piece that is nearly complete is a single tulip in streaky violet purple. Other projects that have been started include a large yellow orange daffodil suncatcher, a rainbow hot air balloon, a piece sign and three new cat face ornaments.

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