Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunny Yellow Daffodils~finally

I hate to admit that I have done no gardening at this house in the three years that we've lived here. I'm super thankful that someone at sometime in the past planted loads and loads of daffodils all over. Finally, they are starting to open up.

I looked at last years pictures and they were all in full bloom by the middle of February. I guess this year's colder than normal temperatures have slowed them down a bit. There's only a few flowers so far that have bloomed.

But, there are lots and lots of buds all over waiting for the right time to pop and show their bright smiling faces to the world. I can't say that I blame them for waiting. I'm keeping my winter coat on for a bit longer, too.


BlackStar said...

Beautiful stained glass!
I can't believe that your daffodils are starting to bloom already. Ours are just shoots a few inches long. Last year at this time, they did have buds on them though.

hollyzhobby said...

Yay! Bring on spring!

Celtic Cat said...

Makes me want spring to hurry up!