Saturday, March 13, 2010

Its been an amazing week!

Its been one of the best weeks ever! My good fortune started on the 4th, when I entered
Jen Maestre's 'guess how many pencils I've got' game on Etsy's Etc forum. I'm not normally a competitive person, but looking back at the thread I think I put in the most entries! The rules were to guess within 100 pencils, I guessed at 41,653 with the right number being 41,560. That's a serious amount of pencils!! I can't believe she counted them all~I think I would loose track at 28 and have to start over.
My winning prize is this wonderful leaf pendant made out of --what else--pencils!! Its fantastic and has now become my good luck charm.

If you are not familiar with Jen's work, she makes amazing sculptures and jewelry out of pencils. Her art is so wonderful and unique. Click here for a link to her personal website.
Jen also sent me a card featuring one of her pencil sculptures, 'Kraken', which will now join the 'Wall of Love' in my studio~kitty corner to the birthday card I won from Celtic Cat last year.

All this excitement made my outside kitty friend, Junior, so happy he wanted the world to see his beautiful white belly as he enjoyed rolling around in the leaves.

My good fortune continued on the 9th when my Spring Pastels Window Panel was one of the featured items in Etsy Finds: Spring Ahead.

To round out this incredible week, on the 11th my hummingbird suncatcher was a featured item in the ByHand spotlight.
I'm feeling so lucky from this past week's good fortune you had better believe that I bought a ticket for tonight's Powerball game! If I should disappear, please know that I'm having a wonderful time but I'll be back to have a give away of my entire shop.


Jen M said...

I want to poke the cat.

Cat bellies make me happy!

Celtic Cat said...

Whenever a cat rolls over like that in my house, it is time to give it a friendly rub!

The pendant is amazing!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Happy to hear ya had a great week. Love the cat! Hope that good luck carries on to this week!

Celtic Cat said...

Anna, you have been awarded the Sunshine award~

Check out my blog for info~


Jeanie - Dark Horse Arts and Gifts said...

Good for you!!! Love to hear of good fortune :o)