Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello, Yellow!

They are popping now! After a few days of warmer that what we've had temperatures, the daffs in my yard are opening up like crazy. Such a welcome sign~~spring might finally be here. Last year, we had snow in March~~~this year we'll probably have snow in April.

This is probably my favorite clump. These are actually in my neighbor's paved driveway. They come up every year and they seem to say that there's just no stopping the beauty of nature.

This large clump is in my backyard~in a spot that gets a lot of sunshine. Its wonderful to look out my kitchen window and see all these bright happy faces outside.

There's few things that bring me more joy then witnessing the reawakening of Mother Earth.


BlackStar said...

They're beautiful! The first blossoms of the season are always the best, no? Ours are not ready to bloom or even close!

Celtic Cat said...

Oh, so lovely! I can't wait for the first flowers here in Michigan!