Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's what I'm working on now

I needed something easy to build before I start working on two more complex projects soon so I pulled together some favorite elements for this stained glass panel:

glass bevels-glass pieces that are like prisms

Waterglass-lightly textured type of stained glass

curves and straight lines

a shade of green like lime Jello-yum!

The center is a clear glass star shaped bevel surrounded by light green Waterglass and clear glue chip glass. The border is the same color green but in a different texture along with 1 1/2" bevels as accents in the centers and corners of the border.

Monday afternoon I drew out this design. Although it is similar to a design I've done in the past, I've made this panel to be slightly smaller to better accomodate the size of the small green teardrop shaped glass accents in the body of the panel.

Yesterday, I started cutting all of the pieces that I need for this project and today I have all of the pieces fit in place. Tomorrow I'll foil all of the pieces--that is, all of the pieces except for the outside border edge will be wrapped with copper foil and with any luck I'll have this panel soldered on Friday. When I'm at this point I just can't wait to see what this piece will look like finished. Right now I have a severe craving for anything lime flavored!

Once completed this piece will measure approximately 13 1/4" tall by wide.

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