Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bubba-my 3 legged wonderboy

Here is the story of my sweet little Bubba, rescue kitty number 3.

One day in the Spring of 2000 I had left my house to run some errands in a little town down the road. As I was approaching a bend in the road, a little black and white head popped out of the tall grass--I could tell it was a little kitty cat. I pulled the car over, got out and this little bundle of love comes charging for me. He was so cute and so small, I figured only about 6 weeks of age. And he was dangling his little back leg.

Oh no, this was not good! This poor helpless little baby by the side of this highway, posted speed limit of 30 that's usually not true. What was I going to do? I couldn't leave him behind. We had just moved into a new home with 2 other kitties and the week before my husband finally found homes for 3 puppies he found (we kept the momma, her name is Suzie). I didn't know what the reaction at home might be. I didn't care. I loaded this little injured cat up in the car, took care of my errands and headed home. This cat was an awesome traveler! He stayed in place on the floorboard and didn't freak out at all.

When I get home, hubby and Suzie (the new dog) are both outside. I get Bubba from the car and Suzie takes an instant liking to the new addition. Her puppies had just left her and perhaps her motherly hormones were still flowing. He licks him, perhaps knowing he is hurt? Bubba takes an instant shine to Suzie as well.

Time to get this kitty to the vet. Luckily it was a Saturday and the vet was still at the office. The vet checked Bubba out and decided that he might be able to save Bubba's leg. He would need to keep the kitty for the weekend and I could pick him up on Monday. When I picked Bubba up the vet had put a cast on Bubba's leg and I was to give him antibiotics every 6 hours.

No problem. I was the boss at work and I brought Bubba with me every day to keep an eye on him and give him his meds. This went on for a few days.

But, Bubba didn't seem to be getting stronger, he was very weak and lethargic. By the forth day home I knew something else had to be done.

I brought Bubba back in to the vet. The infection in his leg was spreading throughout his body and the leg was too far gone for saving, it was rotting. Please, please, take his leg--I begged. The vet feared that this little 6 week old kitty wouldn't make it through anesthesia. But, the alternative was bleak, too.

The vet finally agreed. He performed surgery that afternoon and called us the next day to let us know that Bubba seemed to be doing fine. We could pick him up in a week. So much time this little guy was away from us at the beginning.

Finally, the day came to bring the new little baby home. He was in excellent spirits. When we got him home and let him out of the carrier he ran up to Suzie and gave her a rub. She was his new pal. For the first 6 months they shared the garage (heated) until we finally decided that Bubba could no longer be an outside cat--he was far too mischievous. We feared that rescue kitty number #2 would freak--#2 is a bit radical. These two became instant friends also. There's something special about Bubba-everyone loves him. Nearly 9 years later and Bubba is still going strong!

Since Bubba's rescue, 4 more kitties have found their way to us when they were in need. We love all of them.


Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Such a beautiful story. How amazing that Bubba and Suzie made an instant connection. I am glad I visited to read this post.

capitolagirl said...

What a great story. Its so cute when pets make a connection like that!

Audrey said...

Great story, very nice of you to rescue the poor kitty. We have rescued a few too - but from our dog who does not like cats. Luckily they were never hurt, just scared.

Parallax said...

What a survivor -- and clearly a special little guy to connect so instantly with everyone

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Wonderful story. The little kitty was very fortunate to find its way to you:):) said...

Awww, how lucky Bubba was to have found you! That's one smart kitty to pounce out of the bushes at the right time.