Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New glass in my shop-Cobalt Blue Star

While I'm waiting on a glass shipment for a custom project that I'm building, I decided to create and add this Cobalt Blue Star Beveled Stained Glass Window Panel to my Etsy shop. This design is truly my favorite to create, I have yet to come up with another pattern that I enjoy building as much as this one.
Shortly after listing this piece, I was notified that it had been featured on the Etsy FDL team's blog post on jewel tones from various Etsy sellers. Wow, how exciting for me, I'm really flattered that my piece was chosen to be included.
The following pictures show some additional details on this piece.

The center focal point is a clear glass bevel. I've surrounded the bevel with textured cobalt blue glass with the textured side facing forward. I tend to do this with much of my work, I think it adds just a touch more sparkle to the piece. The center 'petals' are surrounded with a different textured glass both in cobalt blue and in clear called Waterglass. Waterglass has a flowing texture that resembles water on a lake's surface. I've also used a pale blue textured glass in the background and textured cobalt blue glass with clear glass bevels in the border.

Once all the glass pieces have been cut, fit and foiled I will cut my frame for this piece. For square/rectangular panels I use rigid zinc came or frame.
This is cross section of the zinc came showing the 'U' channel. The outer edges of the panel fit inside of this channel.
I measure my came and hand cut the pieces using a hacksaw and a mitre box.
Here is the piece tacked down to a board using horseshoe nails along with the items needed to solder this panel front and back. From left to right: solder, flux, solder iron and a damp sponge to wipe the tip off during the process. Once soldered the panel is cleaned and polished and stored in my workshop while it awaits to be shipped to a new home (hopefully).


The Great Ethan Allen said...

cobalt blue is a wonderful shade! I tend towards the darker blues than the light ones. The piece looks great!

Anonymous said...

It was a real pleasure to use this fantastic piece in our DFL team blog! It stood out like the shiniest jewel :-)
All the best love Debra (AllThingsPretty) x

Anonymous said...

I love that shade of blue. I hope you inspire a blue Treasury. I drop things too much to work with glass. You must be a very careful artist!


Dotty Jane said...

My absolute favorite color! This is beautiful. I've played with stained glass a little and always appreciate your kind of talent!

Bridget said...

Hey there, Just saw this window you made. Beautiful!!!!! Is it expensive to do? grammabridgie@gmail.com