Friday, September 18, 2009

What's next in the shop

With all the beautiful sapphire items for September being featured on Etsy lately, I thought I should put a new design together using some rich cobalt glass. I sketched up this new design recently~while waiting for pictures to upload. I originally wanted to build this piece much larger then what I'm building this one at~maybe I'll wait and see if there is a positive response to this piece first. Once completed, the above panel will measure approximately 11 1/4" square (28.5cm)
I ordered these lovely teardrop shaped smooth glass jewels. Once I started working on this panel I noticed that one out of the four is a lighter color then the rest and would really stand out once this piece is completed. I contacted the company and they will be sending an additional darker gem so I'll be able to continue working on the panel.

I finally completed my frog/dragonfly suncatcher~unfortunately, it has been cloudy or rainy every day since so I haven't been able to get really good photos.

My owl suncatchers are on sale until September 23 marked down to $35 each~here is the latest owl to be added to my Etsy store. You can see more pictures of it here.
I also have a Dark Streaky Brown Owl, a Grey Hoot Owl and a Snowy Owl.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Love the cobalt color! Blue is my favorite color. Lovely artwork you do!

TMCPhoto said...

I have to say that I love how you utilized the texture in the glass for your frog/dragonfly suncatcher, the swirls really look lie ripples in water

Katie said...

Love the sapphire/cobalt piece! I have been enjoying Sept on Etsy. That color is one of my faves.

livingglassart said...

Thanks so much for all these lovely comments!!