Friday, September 25, 2009

What's new in blue

It continues to rain here in West Tennessee, so I haven't had much of a chance to get out and see what's happening with Mother Nature, which is good because it has kept me busy in the shop. I've finally listed my new cobalt blue stained glass panel~Sapphire Star~with special thanks to the great folks at Harmony Glass. This piece measures 11 1/4 inches square--28.5cm and uses two shades and textures of cobalt blue glass along with one clear glass gem, four sapphire teardrop glass gems and clear glass bevels. Once the sun finally does decide to come out, I'll have to spend some time rephotographing this piece.

I've also been busy cutting and grinding all the pieces for this second cobalt blue panel. The center of this piece is a 30mm clear glass faceted jewel surrounded by 4 different textures of clear iridescent glass with textured cobalt blue glass and 24mm x 40mm clear teardrop shaped faceted jewels. Once completed this piece will measure approximately 12 1/4" square (31cm). With good luck and no mishaps, I should have this piece listed on my Etsy site early next week.

Iridescent glass is highly reflective, especially at night with just a bit of artificial light hitting it. In the day, it seems to give off soft hues of pink-yellow-green. A very pretty glass.

This is the 30mm center jewel for this panel~just under 1 1/2" diameter.

And this is the 24mm x 40mm teardrop shaped jewel-approximately 1" x 1 1/2".

One more project that I've got going on is this small sized frog suncatcher. I was contacted after posting my other frog suncatcher with a request to do one in a smaller size~this one will measure about 6 1/2" diameter. I'm really looking forward to completing this piece and if I can find the time I will do another to add to my Etsy inventory.
Looking forward to some sunny weather in the upcoming week. Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Desert Rose Art Glass said...

Oh Anna, your new piece of glass looks like it's made for royalty! I love, love, love the design and the blue glass is to die for! Great job, you keep amazing me with your talent!

Katie said...

They are bluetiful! I saw your new avatar using one of the blue ones!

About that rain......they say it's supposed to stop this coming week.

Sherry said...

Wow, how beautiful. I think we are supposed to get your rain in NJ starting tomorrow.

Celtic Cat said...

Beautiful glass work! Rain here in Michigan too and cool!


Love the blue glasswork (I'm a big fan of blue and glass, so together they're even more divine)! Rain gets me to be more productive. Tomorrow we're getting rain in Maine, so hopefully that'll spur productivity!

Almay Alday said...

Wow! You're an amazing artist!

livingglassart said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!! I haven't been able to get in here for a while and all these words just brightened my week!!