Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My love melons~~the unplanned fruit

This year, we were not going to have a garden. The 'dirt' in the best place for a garden in my tiny yard was so poor that it really needed some help before a garden would be possible. Our neighbor gave us a few loads of nice looking topsoil and my husband and I thought that we would spend some time amending the soil this year and we would be ready next spring. We started saving all of our kitchen scraps to mix into the soil for the summer and fall and we'd let it overwinter for next spring. Included in one of the buckets of kitchen scraps were a bunch of seeds from a melon we had bought. I never thought the seeds would germinate-hoping maybe the birds would find them and eat them up.

After a week or two a bunch of little plants started popping up--I recognized what they were--little melon sprouts. I didn't have the heart to pull them up-let them live! I did thin them out a little bit~by the looks of things now I should have thinned them out a little bit more. The melon in the first image I knew about, I've been taking pictures of it as its been developing. Its the melon in the second image that was well hidden beneath the leaves the I just discovered today.

Here's a little bee doing its job. They have been quite faithful to all the blooms and I've got lots of little melons everywhere.

With any luck, fall will be warm and these melons can keep on growing. I can't wait to be able to sample one of these~I just haven't got a clue on when I need to pull them off the vine! Talk about a bumbling farmer.


Celtic Cat said...

Great feature about your garden! Love all the photos, but I like the beetle
one the best!

nina kuriloff said...

more lovely shots!