Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its been a wonderful week indeed

I was the lucky winner in Celticcatphotos' recent blog giveaway. It was an extra special giveaway, really, since there were two prizes. First, she was kind enough to feature me on her blog. Second, I could choose one of the photo note cards from her Etsy shop. I chose her Birthday Cat card. I've always adored this photo~its the one that's in her avatar. Its her kitty Hamlet on his first birthday. So sweet. Check out her lovely photography which includes a wide range of subjects from kitty cats to lighthouses and classic cars.

I'm not a person that can stay still for very long and I really want to enjoy this cute photo often~so, I've decided to post it on one of the walls in my workshop. This is a place that I spend a good deal of my time and I've already hung up a few of my favorite kitty cats here. Here's Hamlet in a special spot between Puffy the message therapist and my name in the form of a black cat.

Today, I found out that my rainbow peace sign was was featured on another blog. ARTISANNE posted a some lovely works inspired by Woodstock's 40th anniversary. She makes awesome sea glass jewelry from glass she collects on the beaches near her home in Scotland.

The heat has still not let up in Tennessee--the dog days are here, for sure. I wanted to start work on a frog/lily pad/dragonfly suncatcher, but I'm still working on the pattern~its the frog's feet that slowed me down. As soon as I get them figured out I'll get started. In the meantime, I've been working on a couple of smaller hanging panels. Both are the same pattern~three red cherries with two leaves and a small section of branch. Once completed they will measure a little over 8" square, 20.5cm--a nice size for a kitchen window.

For this piece I've used more dense glass. The background is an ivory white~reminds me of a country kitchen look.

In this panel I've used more translucent stained glass with glass bevels in the corners. Hopefully, I'll get these done in the next few days. I really shouldn't work on fruity things~I've been craving cherry pie ever since I started working these.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and I hope you have had a wonderful week, too.

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Celtic Cat said...

Hamlet is in good company!