Saturday, July 4, 2009

My garden wish list

When my husband and I bought the house that we live in a couple of years ago it really needed so much work that any thought of landscaping and gardening was put to the wayside. Now that we are pretty much caught up with house things I've been thinking about what plants I would like to have on this little plot of land of ours. So, I've been walking around the neighborhood checking out what other people have planted and have come up with my own garden wish list.

These orange tiger lilies have just fascinated me and I just can't get enough of them. Every chance I get I head out with the camera to get shots of them.

Another must have are these gorgeous purple cone flowers. They have always been one of my favorites and the bees and butterflies are attracted to them also. These are a win-win flower both for me and the flying creatures that I love.

For more warm color I'd like to have some butterfly weed. I've seen some large patches of these around here and they are just lovely.

Four o'clocks for color and lovely fragrance. I've got some wonderful seeds that I brought from our last house~yellow's streaked with red, reds streaked with yellow. I can hardly wait to get the seeds started.

I've also chosen Black-eyed Susans for their smiley happy faces and for the seeds that they produce for my bird friends. Other plants that I don't have photos of but are on the list include Red-hot Poker for the hummingbirds and passionflower as a host plant for frittilary butterflies. I'm sure I'll find more flowers that I'll have to have before its all said and done.

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