Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome to my shop

After weeks of procrastinating I have finally set aside a day to work on my blog.

I'd like to show you where I work.

We bought this house last year and it was a great find for the money. Its located at the Tennessee River Art Village in Perryville (Parsons), Tennessee. The Tennessee River is within walking distance and my neighbors across the street have a great view of the river from their backporches. Me-I've got a great view of a beautifully wooded hillside.

The house had a carport and my husband and I enclosed it for my work space. We found a great deal on the big windows. The window man in town misordered the color for a large job and he was selling these windows cheap--$85.00 each. My husband added workbenches on both sides of the room. The large table in the center was our old dining table, unfortunately it was much to large for our kitchen. Fortunately for me, its a great work table!

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