Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After a year I've finally completed another version of the Rose Fairy.  I started picking the glass for her last year but other projects would come up or I would be distracted by other things.  A few weeks ago I remembered that parts of her were sitting in a box in my workshop and made a commitment to get her done.

A few years ago I was visiting with a friend and she had a collection of small illustrated books that I had not seen before.  The illustrations were of fairies, all associated with flowers~~they were the flower fairies created by Cicely Mary Barker.  I fell in love with the Rose Fairy.  Rose is my middle name and I just adored the way the sweet fairy embraced her flower.

Here she is half way through the fitting process.  By this time all of the pieces had been cut by hand and some needed to be cut with the ring saw.  One by one the pieces were placed onto the original pattern to make sure they fit together, just one of the many steps involved in creating the piece.

The Rose Fairy has been added to my Etsy shop inventory and is currently available for sale.  I've made a commitment to donating $50 from the sale of this piece to The Goathouse Refuge, a no kill animal shelter in North Carolina.  They work tirelessly to rescue cats and kittens along with providing medical care for them and trying to find forever homes for them.  I truly admire their love and dedication. 


Ramblingon said...

I have missed seeing you. Are you still on Flickr or did you fo to that other place..Ipernity is it?

livingglassart said...

Hi! Yes, I'm still on Flickr although I haven't posted in a week--some things came up and I do need to catch up there. I did sign up on Ipernity but haven't done much there.

Katie Isabella said...

I haven't done the ipernity thing and probably won't. Glad to know you are out there where I can find you.