Friday, February 12, 2010

Enough of the grey days of winter

This winter has just seemed to go on and on and on... I'm ready for the bright bold colors of spring and summer! And even more, I'm ready for some warm temperatures. The stacks of wood that we use to heat the house are shrinking at a very fast rate and it looks like we might have to start dipping into the wood that is stored for next winter.

I thought I'd cheer myself up and create a few new flower pieces. Day lilies are one of my favorite summer flowers, they pop up all over the place around here. I don't know why I never thought to make one. I sat down one night and came up with the design and couldn't wait to get out to the shop and put it together.

This Orange Day Lily Suncatcher measures 7 inches diameter, about 18cm. I used a dense yellow glass in the center along with orange wispy glass for the petals. Wispy glass is translucent in places along with 'wisps' of white glass swirled into it. The little bit of white really makes this piece pop with just a bit of sun behind it, but its quite bold even on a cloudy day.

This is from a couple of weeks ago when we got dumped with a bunch of snow. The kids, and some grown ups in the neighborhood had a blast sledding down the hills-formerly known as roads.

The idea for these two glass glob suncatchers started like lots of my projects do, simply sketching ideas~sometimes the ideas work and sometimes they don't. The centers of both are large glass globs--each measure about 2 inches diameter. Glass glob-what a fun name. Some people call these glass gems, I like the word glob. For the Red and Orange Daisy, I used the same wispy type glass as the Day Lily, added green leaves and a purple background to see how these secondary colors would look together.

And for the Red and Yellow Daisy its the primary colors. Each measure 5 1/2 inches diameter, 14cm. The yellow glass is a little different, its a bit more dense than the orange glass.
What's coming up? There's a frog in my very near future--I pulled out a pattern that I designed last year and have been slowly getting things together for it. And a new hummingbird suncatcher idea~I'm just finishing up some details and should be starting on it in the next couple of days.
Hoping for some warm weather soon!! Enough is enough already. My luck, we'll be in the 90's by mid April and I'll be wishing it were winter again.

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Celtic Cat said...

Lovely bright work, Anna!

Come on Spring!